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In which the quality of my doodles decreases slowly

"Was it because she was cute? Because I felt sorry for her? Because I wanted excitement? I don’t really know the real reason. But…I knew I wanted to keep on holding her hand. It wasn’t like me, but I wanted to protect her. That’s the truth."




starting today all blogs without the following image will be deleted within 24 hours


i’m not even afraid of deletion. i just want this image on my blog

every time i see this post its a different picture and every time i reblog it solely for the picture

YA Book: wHite yoUng girl!!!1!
YA Book: sHe is difFERenT!!!!!1!!@
YA Book: speciAL pOWer!!!-!!
YA Book: cute boY love HeR!!!
YA Book: bUTttttt
Ya Book: anOTher boy alsO??? love heR?!?!??!!!
Ya Book: HOw will sHe cHOOse!!?!?!?!?1!! aNd save wORld?????!?!!